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· Signing MOA with MEISHING for the establishment of
   JV company and export
· Start the supply of Endterminal to CARIS
· Start the supply of STB/RCU to TVSTORM
· Start to supply materials to GEOCELL KOREA
· Participate in IBC 2018 RAI AMSTERDAM
· Signing a supply contract with GEOCELL KOREA
· Signing a supply contract with CARIS GUARDRAIL for
   Guardrail accessory parts.
· Signing a contract with EUROSTAR for STB/RCU
· Jeong-Jin Oh is inaugurated as CEO
· Relocation of head office
· 12th general meeting of shareholders

· Introduction of biometric recognition technology from
   Hanbi Innovation Co., Ltd
· Signing a joint business contract with CHAORAN
· Signing a supply contract with Ohsung Electronics
   for "AURORA" multi-controller
· Participate in CES 2016
· Signing a supply contract of USD 20million dollars
   with ASTRO GROUP for multi-controller
· Signing an investment contract of USD 10Million dollars
   from Mckinley
· Establish a joint venture company with Before Group and
   HK Mckinley Investment
· Participate in IBC 2016 RAI AMSTERDAM
· 1st extraordinary shareholder’s meeting

· Develop multi-controller for smart TV & digital TV
   & set top box
· Develop software for Ringboard-IME, Oboard-store,

· Launch window tablet OCS9

· Cooperation with INTEL, OCS1 presentation
   in IDF (Intel Developer Forum)
· Supply cooperation with AT&T
· Selected as "promising small and medium
   enterprise" by Daejun City
· Awarded "The Grand Prize of Digital Management
   Innovation" and "Digital Management"
· Launch multi-game controller "O-Bar"
· Capital increase (capital as 5 billion won)

· Get an excellence award from The Director
   of the Information and Communication Agency
· Business agreement with KTF
· Capital increase (capital as 450million won)

· Acquired start-up support fund of 50million won
   from Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
· Establish Ocosmos Co., Ltd (capital : 20million won)
· Develop single-type input device
   (develop prototype of 1st/2nd single-type input device)
· Develop multiple data processing method
· Develop prototype of touch&slide input device
· Finish the 8th prototype

· Signing a supply contract with TVSTORM for
   STB H/W
· Launch "AURORA" multi-controller for smart TV &
   set top box
· Signing a contract with Newwave Entertainment
   for appstore and contents of smart TV
· Participate in World IT show 2017
· Participate in IBC 2017 RAI AMSTERDAM
· Participate in GDC 2017
· 11th general meeting of shareholders

· MOU signing with VTC for the supply of
· MOU signing with Electronic City & Indosat
   for the supply of smart multi-controller
· Signing a contract with TVSTORM for joint
   business cooperation
· Signing a supply contract of USD 20million dollars
   with AG GROUP for multi-controller
· Participate in IBC 2015 RAI AMSTERDAM

· Launch Android Tablet , OCS5B, OCS7, OCS8A

· Business agreement contract for I-DO product supply
· Capital increase (capital as 10 billion won)

· Signing a contract with Elantech for product
· Agreements on mass production with Dreamtech
· Capital increase (capital as 3 billion won)

· Capital increase ( capital as 200million won)
· Selected as "Strategic Technology Development
   Projects" from The Small and Medium Business
· Acquired "Policy Fund for IT Advanced Technology
   Support" from the Ministry of Information and
   Communication (acquired the highest record of
   90.8 for performance task evaluation)
· Develop double-type input device
· Develop prototype of Deoteul type input device
   (3D shipmouse, Duck remote control)
· Develop touch-type input device

· Awarded the grand prize of "Information
  Technology Venture Start-up Competition"
· Acquired the highest grade "A" of patent evaluation
   from Korea Association of Information and
· Patent registration of "detection and data input
   with multi-directional control", and patent
   overseas application & registration in USA,
   China and Japan

Ocosmos Co. Ltd. | Business license number : 314-81-80445 | CEO : Jeong-Jin Oh
TEL : 82-42-936-8855 | FAX : 82-42-933-8856 | E-Mail : webmaster@ocosmos.co.kr
263-1, Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea