Management philosophy

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Management philosophy

Management philosophy

  • With a wide review of new
    possibilities and opportunities,
    we surely achieve our goal with
    flexible thinking and passion.

  • With endless enthusiasm and
    creative thinking, we strive for
    customer satisfaction and pull out
    the best value.

  • We create synergies through
    self-development of individual
    members and cooperation
    between departments.

R&D performance

·Development start of O-Pointer
·Development start of Air conditioner RCU
·Patent registration of 1 case RCU design
·Finish F/W final version update and ready for MP
·Ongoing Google certification of TVS Hybrid STB BLE RCU
·Development start of TVS Hybrid STB BLE RCU
·Finish Google certification of TVS Hybrid STB BLE RCU
·Finish 1st & 2nd delivery of TVS Hybrid STB IR RCU
·Applicate 4 cases patent for Guardrail accessory parts
   (applicate with CARIS together for 2 cases of Design
   and 2 cases of Patent)
·Development of Guardrail Blockout
·Finish development of Guardrail Endterminal

·Gain 4 cases core patent and registration,
   applicate 2 cases security patent
·Finish development of Android OTT O-BOX
·Development start of O-Air and O-VR,
   O-Bar VR/Drone product
·Finish development of AURORA, O-Bar RCU product

·Patent application (2 cases)

·Launch window tablet “ OCS9”

·Awarded the grand prize of Information
   Technology Venture Start-up Competition
·Acquired the highest grade "A" of aptent
   evaluationfrom Korea Association of Information and

·Develop multiple data processing method
·Develop prototype of the 2nd single-type input device
·Develop touch&slide input processing method
·Finish the 8th prototype
·Selected "Technological Innovation Development
   Project" from the Samall and Medium Business
·Develop dual-type input device

·Get an excellence award from The director of
   the Information and Communication Agency
·Patent application regarding input device,
   UI and Portal (domestic : 20 cases, overseas : 10 cases)
·Patent application regarding Ubiquitious HomePC
   development / OCS5, OCS7, O-Bar, UBPC
·Patent application regarding new concept
   multi-functional wireless controller and internet phone

·Patent registration of 8 cases core patent and
   2 cases security patent
·Finish development of O-VR prototype
·Development start of VR controller

·Development start of O-Bar RCU prototype "ORION"
·Gain 4 cases core patent and registration 

·Launch Android Tablet OCS5B, OCS7, OCS8A

·Launch multi game-controller "O-Bar"
·World’s first patent application for the character
  input processing method by "detection and data
   input with multi-directional control"
·Patent registration and overseas patent application
  to USA/China/Japan, patent application for the other
   14 cases

·Develop single-type input device
·Develop prototype of the 1st single-type input

·Develop the 1st prototype of dual-type input device
·Develop touch-type input device
·Develop the 2nd prototype of dual-type input device
   /develop 3D shipmouse
·Develop the 1st prototype of touch-type input device
   /develop duck remote controller
·Patent application regarding data input processing
   method (domestic : 40 cases, overseas : 20 cases)

·Patent application to domestic and overseas
   regarding portal system

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TEL : 82-42-936-8855 | FAX : 82-42-933-8856 | E-Mail :
263-1, Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea