CI Introduction

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CI Introduction

CI Introduction

Origin Communication Synthesis Modern System
The symbol mark demonstrates OCOSMOS’ will to innovate the communication
methods based on its original input devices.
OCOSMOS contains the Japanese word, "Ocos (おこす; Okosu)," which means "to get (someone) up" or to "cause (something to happen)," and this shows OCOSMOS
commitment to setting the global standard in the IT sector.

Color Introduction

The octagonal pattern of the flower petals shows OCOSMOS will to become a global
enterprise and to pioneer the global market with its exceptional products.

The blue petals symbolize trust, integrity and reliability. They show OCOSMOS’ desire
to become a company that is trusted by consumers and shareholders.

The whitish gray petals symbolize intellect, efficiency and high quality. At OCOSMOS, we strive to ensure convenience and efficiency for the users, whom we consider our
No. 1 priority. The flower petals are expression of our product identity.

Ocosmos Co. Ltd. | Business license number : 314-81-80445 | CEO : Jeong-Jin Oh
TEL : 82-42-936-8855 | FAX : 82-42-933-8856 | E-Mail :
263-1, Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea